Important Dates/Deadlines

  • NOV 2: Deadline to drop a Fall 2020 course

    Deadline to drop a Fall 2020 course is November 2nd. 

    To drop a course, use a Course Withdrawal Form found here:

    Submit it online. Select the advisor it should go to for approval. It will come to us as an email for approval.

    If you are dropping more than one course, it will also be directed to the CLAS ASC for approval.

    You will have a "W" notation on your transcript which is just a notation and will not impact your GPA. 


    Things to consider:

    1) Is this a course that's a pre-req for a course you want to take in winter or spring? If so, you will need to adjust your plan as you cannot take a course without its prereq. 

    2) Do you want to put it on pass/fail instead? You can put a course on pass/fail until Nov 20th but it will only count as an elective. It cannot count towards major, minor, gen eds or relateds. 

    3) Consider resources available to you to help you in the course:

    - Talk with the instructor in their office hours

    - Academic Achievement Center has a wealth of ways in which to help you

    - Q Center and W Center can help you with your Q courses and writing assignments.

    - Consider joining or creating a class study group in Nexus to connect with other students in the class 

    If you are an international student, consult with the ISSS office to ensure dropping the course will not impact you negatively in any way.


    For more information, contact: Economics Department at

If you have any questions, please contact Economics Advising Office at 860-486-3022.