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  • Goldwater Scholarship Application Now Live

    The Goldwater Scholarship awards $7,500 to college sophomores and juniors majoring in math, science, engineering, or research psychology (not clinical). Students who are competitive for the award have had significant research experience and have plans for graduate study (aspire to a PhD or MD/PhD) and a career in research. Please review all eligibility requirements and rules on the official Goldwater Scholarship website. You are encouraged to make an appointment with Rowena Grainger, STEM Fellowships Advisor, to discuss your eligibility before you apply for nomination.

    To Apply

    You must be nominated by the University to apply for the national competition. The UConn application for nomination deadline for the 2020 Goldwater competition is: November 6, 2020.

    Beginning Fall 2017, all applications for nomination will be submitted through the Goldwater Scholarship national website. You may access the application for nomination here.  Students must complete the pre-application before October 9, 2020.  ONSF will evaluate each pre-applicant’s eligibility, and only eligible applicants will be approved to continue.  At that point, students who are approved to continue the process will need the following materials to complete the application:

    • Unofficial UConn transcript & any grade reports from other institutions (may be unofficial at this stage, but would need official transcripts upon nomination)
    • A letter of recommendation from your faculty research mentor or supervisor (this letter should be emailed directly from the recommender to
    • A polished & edited research essay (2 pages)
    For more information, contact: Rowena Grainger at

If you have any questions, please contact Honors Programming and Events at 860-486-1616.