Empowering Women in Law (EWIL) Virtual Club

    A new club has been created on campus called Empowering Women in Law. This organization will be hosting meetings for undergraduate students to come together to learn about what it is like to be a women in the field of law and to motivate each other in achieving our professional and academic goals. 

    A few aspects of the meetings will include but are not limited to: hosting guest speakers, aiding in the law school admissions process, practicing LSAT questions together, fundraising for Women's Rights organizations, and acting as a safe space to discuss and debate our impact in the legal field. It is very important to note that EWIL is not only for women; students of all gender and sexual identities are welcome to participate and join, as long as they are dedicated to empowering women (all majors too!).

    If interested, fill out this form

    For more information, contact: Kate Burns at kate.burns@uconn.edu

If you have any questions, please contact Economics Advising Office at 860-486-3022.