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  • NSF GRFP: Let's Review the Basics

    The information session will consist of a presentation outlining the details of the application process, including a review of the program solicitation and essay prompts. 
    Date: 9/10
    Meeting number: 120 402 1639
    Meeting password: 2zBvdYpUp58
    NSF-GRFP (National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program) fellowships are awarded for graduate study in fields supported by the NSF, including the mathematical, physical, biological, behavioral and social sciences; engineering; the history of science and the philosophy of science; and for research-based Master's or PhD programs in science education.

    Fellows receive three-years of funding within a five-year fellowship period in the form of an annual stipend of $34,000 along with a $12,000 cost of education allowance for tuition and fees.

    Eligibility: must be a U.S. citizen, U.S. national, or permanent resident, intending to pursue a research-based Master’s or PhD in an NSF-supported field, be enrolled in an accredited U.S. graduate institution, and have completed no more than 12-months of full-time graduate study.
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    If you are student unable to attend the session and have questions about the application process, please contact, Rowena Grainger, STEM Fellowship Advisor at

    If you are department representative of a NSF eligible field and would like to request a presentation for your seniors, 1st and 2nd year graduate students, please contact Rowena Grainger,

    For more information, contact: Rowena Grainger at

If you have any questions, please contact Honors Programming and Events at 860-486-1616.