Course Offerings

  • EPSY 1450W Mind Body Health - SUMMER 1 and 2

    EPSY 1450W Mind Body Health

    Summer Session I & II (Online)

    EPSY 1450W-- Meets the criteria for a Content Area 2 and a W Course. Get both requirements completed in only one month over this summer, ONLINE!

    Learn interventions to impact change and promote Mind Body Health:

    The role of the mind and its effects on subjective well-being (e.g., happiness, stress, depression, anxiety) and the physical body will be explored during this course. The past history and current literature supporting the mind body connection, assessment, and intervention will be presented. Implications for understanding mind body health relative to quality of life will be emphasized. Taught by Dr. Melissa Bray (Professor and Licensed Psychologist).

    For more information please contact TA: Johanna deLeyer-Tiarks<> or<>

    For more information, contact: Johanna deLeyer-Tiarks at Johanna deLeyer-Tiarks

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