Curriculum Updates


    The credits needed to complete a second degree (dual degree) has been reduced from 30 to 18 more credits than the normal amount to graduate. This means you need 18 more upper level credits to graduate with a second degree beyond the degree you are currently seeking, to include any requirements for the other major/school/college.

    For ECON majors, if you pursue a dual degree with another major in CLAS, you would need 138 credits (120 normally needed plus 18 additional credits), to include any requirements needed for the other major/degree. 

    If you are doing a BA in one major and a BS in another, you will need to fulfill the BA requirements for one and the BS requriements for the other. Or you may do a BA or BS in both degrees, in which case your gen ed course requirements do not change. 

    If you pursue a second major in another school outside of CLAS, you will need to complete their normal amount of credits to graduate with their degree, plus 18 credits, including any requirements needed for their major/school/college.

    If you are pursuing a double major in CLAS and plan to complete at least 138 credits, if you would like to split them up into a a dual degree instead, you should fill out a double major cancellation form and an additional degree petition form, both found here: 

    Email them to 

    For more information, contact: Economics Department at

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If you have any questions, please contact Economics Advising Office at 860-486-3022.