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  • Free May Term (1) Credit course on COVID-19

    This course is now available for students:

    Feeling overwhelmed, confused or unsure how to navigate life in a global pandemic? The COVID-19 Pandemic: Impacts on Health, Business and Society is a new multi-disciplinary course that brings together unique insights from faculty in Allied Health, Public Health, UConn Health, Public Policy, Pathobiology and Veterinary Science, Pharmacy, Nursing, Psychology, Management, and Finance. Learn from UConn experts the science behind Covid-19, how to recognize stress and adopt coping mechanisms, and gain insight into the business and financial implications of the pandemic. More than 4,000 undergraduate students enrolled during the first offering of the course in April.


    We are now offering this one (1) credit UNIV course during MAY term  (UNIV 1985 (Class # 3541-“RC Freshmen only-students with up to 24 credits”) UNIV 3985: (Class # 3542-“RC Open to sophomores or higher-students with more than 24 credits”).  Note: if you enrolled in the COVID 1985/3985 course in April you ARE NOT eligible to enroll in this May term course. Registration is in Student Admin under the “Summer 2020” term.

    This one (1) credit UNIV course is free and open to all undergraduate, Ratcliffe Hicks, and PharmD students. The course begins Monday May 11th and ends Friday May 29th  A copy of the syllabus can be found here:


    Registration deadline for the course is Wednesday May 13th


    This online course will be taught asynchronously. You can engage with the course content when it is convenient for you, while still completing each module and assessment within module timeframes as outlined in he course syllabus.  

    For more information, contact: Kelly Gilbert at

    For more information, contact: Kelly Gilbert at

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