We are getting a large number of email inquiries about the new pass/fail policies for this semester. 

    All Pass/Fail updates, information and FAQ for CLAS students can be found here where they will continue to post any further updates as they progress:

    CLAS still needs to determine and vote on whether pass/fail courses this semester can count towards major, relateds, and minor requirements and if so, how and with what restrictions if any. 

    We will learn more this week and will promptly notify ECON majors once we know. We hope to provide this info by the end of the week. 

    We will also learn this week more about the process to put courses on pass/fail. The deadline to do so is now the last day of classes, so you have plenty of time before you need to do so.

    You may also want to see how your grades progress in the class before doing so. 

    For more information, contact: ECON at

If you have any questions, please contact Economics Advising Office at 860-486-3022.