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    We are finalizing the process to follow for submitting forms that require signatures.

    At this time, you can find many forms in versions you can type into, such as the Schedule Revision form used to drop courses, found here: www.registrar.uconn.edu/forms 

    After you've filled in a writable PDF, such as a Schedule Revision Form, you need to email it using your UConn email address to your advisor for approval before it gets submitted to the Registrar's Office or other appropriate next reviewer, such as the CLAS ASC for a Dean's Designee signature.


    NOTE: If you save it, you will lose all of your type in data!

    Rather, choose PRINT to PDF. It will transfer it into a PDF document. Then save this document.

    Email the filled in form to your advisor. If your request is approved, your advisor will forward your PDF, along with an email stating their approval in writing, to the Registrar's Office or other next apprioriate office. 

    For more information, contact: Economics Department at 860-486-3022

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If you have any questions, please contact Economics Advising Office at 860-486-3022.