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  • New Course- International Sport and Social Justice

    A new course -  EDLR 3298 International Sport and Social Justice (3 credits)  - meeting Tu 2:30-5pm – is being offered by Eli Wolff.

    Course description:

    International Sport and Social Justice

    This course will investigate and examine current trends and developments as it relates to international sport and social justice. The course will aim to understand, critically engage and unpack the topics of sport for development and peace, sport and human rights, sport diplomacy, athlete activism, and sport and politics. Through the lens of social justice, the course will focus on perspectives and intersectionality related to sport and gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, culture, and religion. The course will utilize case studies to explore international sport and social justice around the world through professional sport, Olympic sport, and community and grassroots sport contexts. The course will facilitate individualized and collective research, applied and experiential work and to foster opportunities for future study abroad and international travel.

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