• Environmental Literacy "E" Gen Eds

    Environmental Literacy General Education Requirement

    All students with a catalog year of 2019-20 or later must fulfill this graduation requirement.

    This includes:

    • newly admitted students
    • current students who have changed their school or college starting Summer 2019 or later
    • current students who have changed their catalog year to 2019-2020.

    Check your Advisement Report (Academic Requirements Report) in Studentadmin to see if you need to fulfill the "E"nvironmental Literacy Gen Ed Requirement.

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    To satisfy this requirement, students will be required to pass at least one 3-credit Environmental Literacy course. These courses can be identified by the letter "E" in the course number. (NOTE: you may not see the "E" designation on all of these courses for the spring 2020 semester but they will still fulfill the requirement).

    Below is a list of currently approved courses. Many new courses are under review and this list will be periodically updated. You can find a full list of approved courses through 


    AH 3175E Environmental Health

    ANTH 1010E Global Climate Change and Human Societies

    ANTH 3340E Culture and Conservation

    ARE 1110E Population, Food and the Environment

    ARE 3434E Environmental and Resource Policy

    ARE 3437E Marine Fisheries Economics and Policy

    ARE 4438E Valuing the Environment

    ARE 4462E Environmental and Resource Economics

    ECON 1107E Honors Core: Economics, Nature, and the Environment

    ECON 3466E Environmental Economics

    EEB 2100E Global Change Ecology

    EEB 2208E Introduction to Conservation Biology

    EEB 2244E General Ecology

    EEB 2244WE General Ecology

    EEB 3205E Current Issues in Environmental Science

    ENGL 2635E Literature and the Environment

    ENGL 3240E American Nature Writing

    ENGL 3715E Nature Writing Workshop

    ENVE 1000E Environmental Sustainability

    ENVE 2310E Environmental Engineering Fundamentals

    EVST 1000E Introduction to Environmental Studies

    EVST 3340E Culture and Conservation

    GEOG 1300E Weather, Climate and Environment

    GEOG 2320E Climate Change: Current Geographic Issues

    GEOG 2400E Introduction to Sustainable Cities

    HIST 2210E History of the Ocean

    HIST 3540E Environmental History of the Americas

    HIST 3540WE Environmental History of the Americas

    JOUR 3046E Environmental Journalism

    LAND 2210E Common (Shared) Landscape of the USA: Rights, Responsibilities & Values

    MAST 2210E History of the Ocean

    NRE 1000E Environmental Science

    NRE 1235E Environmental Conservation

    NRE 2215E Introduction to Water Resources

    NRE 2600E Global Sustainable Natural Resources

    NURS 4250E Public Health Nursing

    PHAR 1001E Toxic Chemicals and Health

    PHYS 1040Q E Cosmic Origins of Life

    SPSS 2100E Environmental Sustainability of Food Production in Developed Countries

    SPSS 2500E Principles and Concepts of Agroecology



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If you have any questions, please contact Economics Advising Office at 860-486-3022.