Graduating Seniors

  • Beyond UConn Conference for graduating seniors

    The third annual Beyond UConn Conference – Preparing for Life after Graduation, a conference for students graduating from UConn is happening in just a few weeks. This conference is for both undergraduate and graduate students and is designed to provide assistance in the transition from student to the next steps they are embarking on.

    Our conference will be on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 from 5:30 – 8:30 PM in Rome Ballroom. The conference will include a panel discussion on how to be successful during the first 30 days in a new role and the following breakout sessions (some will be offered twice):

    • Deciding between a Job and Grad School: This session is aimed at students who are applying to graduate school, jobs, or both, and who are not sure what path is right for them.

    • Navigating the New Environment within the First Year: Help students identify the skills they will need to navigate the new position, whether working or in graduate school. Topics include professionalism, time management, good work and study habits, and learning about the company or program's culture.  

    • Relocating and Moving beyond UConn: This session will focus on the logistics of moving, funding relocation expenses, finding housing, and safety concerns. 

    • Repaying Student Loans: Help students gain a general understanding of various student loan repayment strategies such as different repaying methods, repaying loans with interest, and deferring loans, and how student loans work if they will be attending graduate school. 

    • The Basics of Budgeting: This session will offer tips on creating a monthly budget based on one’s benefits, needs, and lifestyle. 

    • Working outside Your Home Country: Help students gain practical knowledge such as obtaining work visas, adjusting to the new work and cultural environment.

    We ask you to share the information with your student population and thank you for your continued support of the Center for Career Development.

    Information about the conference can be found at Registration is available through Handshake:

    For more information, contact: Beth Settje at

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