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  • Pixar Speaker: Leadership Legacy Speaker Series


    Pixar's Director of Photography and Lighting

    Speaking on

    Innovation, Leadership and Succeeding in a Male Dominated Field

    Wednesday, February 27th 7:00PM Dodd Center Konover Auditorium

    Danielle Feinberg is director of photography for lighting at Pixar Animation Studios. Feinberg began her career at Pixar in 1997, after receiving her BA in computer science from Harvard University. Her first position was on the movie A Bug's Life as a render wrangler, an entry level, problem-solving position, and she soon was leading the otherwise all-male department. Feinberg got her first taste of lighting during this time and fell in love with creating the final image for film. She went on to light many of Pixar's films, including Toy Story 2, Monsters, Inc., the Oscar-winning Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and Ratatouille. Another Oscar winner, Wall•E, was Feinberg's first movie directing the lighting as director of photography. It was heaven for someone whose greatest inspiration is using technology to make art. More recently, Feinberg worked on the 2012 film Brave, featuring Pixar's first film with a girl as the main character, Inside Out, and Coco.

    Danielle will share with the UConn community her experience working with Pixar, including behind the scenes insight to the work and films she has worked on, as well as, discuss her experience with innovation, leadership, and what it has been like to succeed in a male dominated field.

    Join the Leadership Legacy Experience to learn more about Danielle's story and experiences on Wednesday, February 27th, at 7pm in Dodd Center, Konover Auditorium. 

    Admission to this event is free. All members of the community are welcome to attend.

    For more information, contact: Kayla Brown at 860-486-6588

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