Course Offerings

  • Spring UNIV 1820 Classes - Open to fresh/soph

    Basics of Learning Science & Its Strategies(UNIV 1820.030, #16864)


    Want to utilize new learning best practices to improve your academic performance? In this course, you will apply new memory and learning strategies to one of your academic courses, while gaining knowledge about the research and techniques behind the new interdisciplinary field of “learning science.”


    Privilege and Possibility(UNIV 1820.019, #11644)


    Join UConn’s Dean of Students, Dr. Eleanor Daugherty, in exploring the student experience from the lens of privilege and diversity. Through lively discussions and self-reflections, you will gain increased self-awareness and cultural competency, while also investigating your potential for transforming the college environment.


    Challenging Social Norms(UNIV 1820.024, PS#17297)


    Critically analyze social norms within our communities, our university, and our world! Over the course of the semester, we will investigate aspects of social norms theory and apply them by creating a norms campaign. You will develop your research skills, determine strategies to challenge social norms, and learn how to make a difference in your community.


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