Course Offerings

  • GSCI 1051/1052 Offered During Winter Intersession

    Students can complete their lab science requirement during Winter Intersession.

    Geoscience 1051 & 1052 are being offered during Intersession 2019.

    December 26th, 2018-January 18th, 2019

    Take just the lecture-1051, just the lab-1052 (if they have taken GSCI 1010, 1051, 1055 or 1070 previously) or both!  Both courses together fulfill the Content Area 3 Lab Requirement.


    GSCI 1051: ONLINE

    GSCI 1052: Mon-Fri 10:00AM-1:00PM

    For more information, contact: Christin Donnelly/Geosciences at

If you have any questions, please contact Economics Advising Office at 860-486-3022.