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  • Latina History, Gender, and Biography

    Latina History, Gender, and Biograpy

    Latina History, Gender, and Biograpy

    HIST 3098-004 LEC (13681)- LLAS 3998 005 SEM (15699)

    Tuesday & Thursday  2-3:15pm,   Dr. Emma Amador

    This course focuses on the history of Latinas in the United States through an examination of Latina biographies. Students in the course will learn historical context for reading Latina biographies and to locate these texts within a broader story of women, gender, and sexuality. We will examine these biographies alongside life histories and oral histories of Latinas. Units will explore the histories of Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Dominicans, and others paying close attention to race and gender and highlighting struggles for social justice. 

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