Course Offerings

  • ANTH 1000 online winter course

    UCONN Winter Session



    ANTH 1000: Other People’s Worlds

    3 credits, Gen Ed

    Fulfills CA2 & CA4-INT


    This course is an introduction to the discipline of Cultural

    Anthropology. Students will examine the diverse life-ways, social

    arrangements, and belief systems found among human groups around the

    world. The course presents the research methods used by cultural

    anthropologists; students will learn about the practical difficulties and ethical

    dilemmas of doing anthropological research in familiar and far-off

    settings. By comparing different societies and cultures with our own,

    students will acquire new conceptual tools for understanding domestic and

    global problems, culture change, and current events. The course

    emphasizes the connections between social institutions, cultural ideas and

    customs, economic transformation, and historical events. Students will learn

    how anthropological methods and insights can be applied to the solution of

    contemporary problems.

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