• Spring Enrollment Appointments now available

    View Your Registration Appointment Time

    Your enrollment or registration appointment, sometimes referred to as your "pick time" is the timeframe during which you are able to add, drop, and swap classes.

    After logging in, navigate to view your registration appointment by clicking:

    1. Main MenuSelf Service, and then Student Center. Your Student Center appears.
    2. In the Enrollment Dates frame to the right of the page, click the details link.
    3. To view your enrollment appointment date for a different term, click the change term button.
    4. Select the term for which you wish to view the enrollment period, and click Continue.
    5. The appointment start and end dates and times and the unit limits display for the current term (default) or to the term you selected.
    6. You can then go to your SHOPPING CART, or if your enrollment period is active, you can ADD CLASSES.
    For more information, contact: Economics at 860-486-3022

If you have any questions, please contact Economics Advising Office at 860-486-3022.