• BS in Economics Now Available

    The Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree in Economics is now available to declare.


    If you would like to change to the BS degree, from the BA, you may do so here:


    If you would like to discuss with an ECON Academic Advisor first, please make an appointment here:

    For a phone appt, please note it's a phone appt when scheduling and call 860-486-3022 at the time of your appointment.


    For BS degree requirements:


    Please note the BS degree requires:

    • 3 science courses
      • a 2 semester lab science sequence and one more science course from a different department.
      • See list of options on plan of study.
    • Calc I and II (MATH 1071Q doesn't count).
      • This requires taking the MPE on Huskyct and earning a score of 22 out of 33 to enroll in Calc I.
      • See list of options on plan of study.
    • A 3rd Math course at the 2000 level
      • Can count towards relateds.
      • See list of options on plan of study
    • Q versions of Intermediate Micro and Macro Economics (ECON 2211Q and 2212Q).
      • See us if you've taken 2201 and/or 2202, you can still do the BS option.
    • A 2 semester sequence of Empirical Methods (ECON 2311 and 2312)
      • Must be taken in sequence order.
    • A few more quantitative based ECON courses chosen from a list.
      • See list of options on plan of study
    • You do not need to do 5 courses in Content Area 1 for your Gen Eds, you just need 1 course in each Groups A, B, C and D.



    Once you are declared as a BS major in ECON, your Advisement Report in Studentadmin will be updated to reflect your new requirements.

    Let us know if you have any questions.





    For more information, contact: ECON at x3022

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If you have any questions, please contact Economics Advising Office at 860-486-3022.