Women's Center Events

  • Price of Brotherhood

    Duane de Four - The Price of Brotherhood: uncovering the true cost of media’s obsession with traditional masculinity

    An updated version of Mad Men, Monsters & Misogynists, this keynote critiques current depictions of men and masculinity in various forms of media. It explores the ways men are taught to act, dress, shave, and smell, and all the other ways they are supposed to “man up.” Duane also examines the role these depictions play in supporting rape culture and encouraging violent and harmful male behavior. Finally, Duane offers some ways to challenge these messages and support more positive, uplifting masculine behaviors.

    Event is Tuesday, April 3 from 7:00-8:30 in the Konover Auditiorium, Dodd Center 



    For more information, contact: Lauren Donais at lauren.donais@uconn.edu

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