• NEW - BS option in Economics

    The Economics Department is now offering a Bachelor of Science (BS) option in Economics.



    29 credits in ECON courses 2000 level or above.


    ECON 2211Q Intermediate Microeconomics 4 cr.

    ECON 2212Q Intermediate Macroeconomics 4 cr.

    We will substitute ECON 2201 and 2202 in place of above with ECON 2301 as one of your choice courses below. Will require an additional ECON 2000+ course to fulfill the additional 2 credits not received from Q courses.


    Sequence in Empirical Methods:

    ECON 2311 Empirical Methods I 3 cr.

    ECON 2312 Empirical Methods II 3 cr.


    Choose 2 from below 6 cr:

    ECON 2301

    ECON 2326

    ECON 2327

    ECON 3208

    ECON 3313

    ECON 4206


    9 more credits in ECON 2000+ to include a W ECON course.


    Calc I and II sequence:

    MATH 1131Q and 1132Q or

    MATH 1151Q and 1152Q or

    MATH 2141Q and 2142Q


    One of the below:

    MATH 2110Q or

    MATH 2130Q or

    MATH 2210Q or

    MATH 2410Q or

    MATH 2420Q


    One lab science sequence chosen from:

    BIOL 1107 AND either 1108 or 1110 or

    CHEM 1124Q, 1125Q, 1126Q or

    CHEM 1127Q and 1128Q or

    CHEM 1137Q and 1138Q or

    CHEM 1147Q and 1148Q or

    PHYS 1201Q and 1202Q or

    PHYS 1401Q and 1402Q or

    PHYS 1501Q and 1502Q or

    PHYS 1601Q and 1602Q


    One more science course chosen from CA3 in a different department than sequence used above. Does not need to be a lab science course.


    For more information:

    For more information, contact: ECON at x3022

If you have any questions, please contact Economics Advising Office at 860-486-3022.