Course Offerings

  • English 2407: The Short Story, Monday-Thursday, 9

    Flash Class

    Three-Week Session

    May 7-24

    English 2407: The Short Story, Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m.--noon

    Our Stories, Our Selves;
    Or: Passion! Adventure! Heartache! Mystery!
    In The White Album, Joan Didion argues that narrative helps us make sense of the world
    we live in: “We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” Following her insight, we will read
    a spectrum of classic to contemporary short stories, sampling the fictional worlds
    created by a diverse group of writers. Sections of the class will follow key elements of
    the genre: Plot, character, setting, point of view, and theme. Stories will come from the
    9th compact edition of The Story and Its Writer. Assignments will include brief response
    papers, reading quizzes, final exam.

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