• Double Major or Dual Degree?

    Double Major = one Bachelor's degree with two majors. Need 120 or more credits to graduate.

    Dual Degree = two Bachelor's degrees, done in one of the following ways. Need 30 more credits to graduate. Great option for anyone ahead in credits and/or doing summer/winter coursework.

    • two majors in CLAS with 150 credits or more
    • three majors in CLAS with 150 credits or more - must be done as a dual degree
    • two or more majors with at least one in each of two separate schools (ie: one in CLAS and the other in another school on campus) - must be done as a dual degree. Needs 30 more credits than the school with the highest number of credits to graduate.


    Ahead in credits but don't plan to graduate early?

    Doing some summer/winter courses?

    If you are ahead in credits and/or doing some courses in summers/winters, you may be close to graduating with a second degree! Requires at least two majors and 150 credits in CLAS.

    In CLAS, a second major is EASY!

    A major is often just a few more courses than a minor.

    Use towards your

    • 2nd W course,
    • related courses and
    • 45 credit rule
    • or use some electives to finish


    List of Majors:

    List of Minors:


    For more information, contact: ECON at 3022

If you have any questions, please contact Economics Advising Office at 860-486-3022.