• ECON Course Permission Numbers


    • ECON 1000-level courses do not have any waitlists. Seats are first-come, first-served. If a seat opens up, anyone may enroll themselves. 


    • The ECON Department uses the waitlist tool in Studentadmin for ECON courses 2000-level or above. If a class is full or currently has a waitlist, please add yourself to the waitlist in Studentadmin


    • Waitlists will be removed by 5pm on Friday, January 19th. At that time any student can enroll in any open seats (assuming all pre-reqs are met)



    • You must meet all prerequisites to be eligible to waitlist. 
    • After you check the "waitlist if full" box, you must still try to enroll in the course to be added to the waitlist. You will receive a confirmation note that the class is full and that you've been added to the waitlist. If it remains on your shopping cart, you are not on the waitlist.
    • As seats open up, P#'s are emailed to the next student on the list based on priority.
      • ECON majors first, then ECON minors, then others
      • Class standing priority starting with seniors, then juniors, etc. 
    • P#'s are given by UConn email. Be sure to check your UConn email daily. 
    • At this time, with classes starting on Tuesday, we are now giving 1 day to use the P# before it expires and we give it to the next person. If you want the class, be sure to use it right away!
    • You may waitlist for up to 10 credits in Studentadmin at a time. 
    • You may waitlist for courses that conflict in time with a course you are enrolled in and they will appear on your Weekly Calendar View in Studentadmin as "waiting". If you get a P# to use, you will need to drop the time conflicting course to enroll. 
    For more information, contact: Economics at 860-486-3022

If you have any questions, please contact Economics Advising Office at 860-486-3022.