Other Events

  • 4/14 Day Of Kindness

    Come out to the Rainbow Center, Thursday April 14th, from 1-4 to participate in our second annual, Day of Kindness!

    Groups of two will come in at a time. This can be friends, partners, coworkers, etc.

    The pair will each sit at a table where there will be an instruction sheet with have a few prompts to pick from and a note card for them to write on. We will also provide pens/pencils.

    These prompts will ask the individual to write something about the partner they chose to show up with and vice versa. Once you are done, you will raise your hand and we will provide envelopes to them where they can label the envelope and hand it in.

    The goal is to have people who write an authentic prompt on their friend or partner that they have not mentioned to them before but highly
    Appreciate about them. Once these are handed in. We will schedule days to have them picked up or a location that will hold the notes for students to come pick up!

    The purpose of to show appreciation for one another and have these notes opened when these friends/partners are not together for a bigger effect of the message!


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    For more information, contact: Mya at mya.l.johnson@uconn.edu

If you have any questions, please contact Economics Advising Office at 860-486-3022.