Course Offerings

  • NEW Undergrad Research Course - Fall 2022

    ECON 3495 Special Topics: Research Methods in Economics




    A new ECON course will be available in Fall 2022. The title of the course is ECON3495-Special Topics: Research Methods in Economics and it will be co-taught by Prof. Miceli and Prof Baggio.

    The course is designed to provide students with the essential elements for conducting research on economic questions. Topics will include, among others, choosing a research topic and developing a research plan, how to develop theoretical models and to conduct empirical research, and how to effectively communicate the results of the project. More information is available on the course syllabus that can be found at

    Prerequisites: ECON 2201 or 2211Q and ECON 2311Q, Instructor Consent (application and interview process required to enroll) 


    An informational meeting where students will have the opportunity to ask questions about the course and its logistics. Interested students may sign up for this meeting at

    For more information, contact: prof. Michele Baggio at michele.baggio@uconn.ed

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