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    I want to know what requirements I have left to take.

    What tool should I use in Studentadmin?


    Plan by My Requirements vs Academic Requirements

    The "Plan by My Requirements Tool" should NOT be used as a degree audit to view your remaining requirements. This tool includes any course you have in your planner but not enrolled in and checks it off as if it's done. It will not show you what you actually need left to ernoll in to complete your requirements. This tool is a good tool to use if you want to plan courses and see how courses of interest would fulfill your requirements. It's a "Hypothetical"

    To view what requirements you actually have left to enroll in, use the "Academic Requirements" tool. Regardless of what courses you have in your planner, THIS tool will show you what you have left to enroll in. it checks off what you have enrolled in and completed, but does not check off requirements based on courses in your planner. Therefore, this is a more accurate degree audit based on your current enrollment in courses. Instructions to pull your Academic Requirements Tool: https://confluence.uconn.edu/ikb/student-administration-system/students/academics-students/viewing-your-academic-requirements-report


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