Course Offerings

  • Econ Majors Can Fast Track the MSQE (4+1)

    Economics Majors -- fast track the Masters of Science in Quantitative Economics (MSQE) in the 4+1 plan by double counting some undergraduate economics courses as graduate courses.

    Save $$s on a Masters Degree by double counting, and by applying for an MSQE Scholarship. 

    The 4+1 program is described here:


    Undergraduate Economics courses that are offered in Spring 2022 that can be double counted are:

    (to be double counted enroll using the course number in BOLD):

    1. ECON 2211Q.  (ECON 5201) Quantitative Intermediate Microeconomics
    2. ECON 2212Q.  (ECON 5202) Quantitative Intermediate Macroeconomics
    3. ECON 3315.    (ECON 5315) Financial Econometrics
    4. ECON 3321.   (ECON 5321) Programming and Computation with R for Economists
    5. ECON 3322.   (ECON 5322) Open Source Programming with Python for Economists
    For more information, contact: Prof. Min Kim at

If you have any questions, please contact Economics Advising Office at 860-486-3022.