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  • Pathways to Healthcare

    It is a common misconception that working in the healthcare field requires going to medical school. While medical school is necessary to become a physician, there are hundreds of other roles that exist in the field, many of which do not require years and years of graduate schooling (or none at all).

    Each semester, the Center for Career Development holds a Pathways to Healthcare panel that features 4-5 UConn alumni who are currently working in healthcare and did not attend med school, dental school, PA school, or nursing school. These fantastic alumni share insight onto how they decided on their own career paths, what they did while still in college to gain experience, and how they transitioned into their current role post-graduation.


    This semester's panelists:

    Cynthia Spitalny, VP of Marketing at RxVantage & Health Tech Fractional CMO

    Nayo Daniel, Volunteer Coordinator and Programs Coordinator at Maggie’s Place

    Nicholas M Jannetty, Radiologic Technologist at Saint Mary’s Hospital

    Rachael Elaine Padula, Sales Representative at Eli Lilly and Company


    Wed, Oct 27 3:30 pm EDT - 5:00 pm EDT


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