Important Dates/Deadlines


    Do you want to put a course on Pass/Fail this Fall semester? You still can!


    An important decision was approved by the University Senate to change the by-laws regarding Pass-Fail and Withdraw deadlines. 

    Starting this Fall 2021 semester and going forward, Pass-Fail and Withdraw deadlines are at the end of the 11th week of the semester. The Pass-Fail policy applies to undergraduate students only; the Withdraw policy applies to undergraduate and graduate students.


    Students may Drop courses before the end of the tenth day of classes without transcript notations. After the tenth day of classes and through the eleventh week of the semester, a student may Withdraw from one course (for any reason) with permission from the student’s advisor. Students seeking to Withdraw from more than one course after the tenth day of classes must get approval from the student’s advisor and from the Dean or designee of the school or college in which the student is enrolled. Any course Withdrawn from after the first ten days of classes will receive a ‘W’ on the transcript.  


    A student who has earned at least 26 credits and is not on scholastic probation may elect a maximum of 12 credits (not including credits on P/F recorded in spring 2020) to be distributed over not more than three courses, to be recorded as ‘P’ for Pass or ‘F’ for Fail on his or her permanent record. Courses taken Pass-Fail may only be used as electives; they may not be used to satisfy general education, school/college, major, relateds or minor requirements. Students who are selecting a course for the Pass-Fail option or want to convert a Pass-Fail back to a graded basis must do so by the eleventh week of the semester. Students who convert to a Pass-Fail and then revert the course back to a graded basis cannot again convert the course back to a Pass-Fail.


    Pass/Fail and Course Withdrawal Deadline for Fall 2021: November 15th

    To put a course on pass/fail, take it off pass/fail or withdraw from a course, fill out the Schedule Revision Form here: 

    For Fall 2021 Deadlines and Important Dates: 




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