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    You CAN put ECON 1201 and 1202 on pass/fail and it will still count for your ECON major. 

    ECON 1201 and 1202 are not technically ECON major requirements, they are pre-requisites.

    So you can put 1201 and 1202 on pass/fail and it will still meet the pre-req requirement for the ECON major as long as you pass the course.


    Calc (Math 1071 or 1131) and Stat (1000 or 1100) ARE requirements for the ECON major, so you DO need to take them for a grade to fulfill the requirements along with any of the ECON upper level courses for the major and related courses. 


    The pass/fail deadline for this Spring 2021 semester is coming up on May 14th!

    You would only want to pass/fail the course if you are unhappy with the grade and don't want it counted in your GPA.

    You are allowed a total of 3 pass/fail courses towards your entire degree, not counting any from Spring 2020 term.

    To put it on pass/fail, fill out the pass/fail form here:



    For more information, contact: Economics Department at

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