• Have an idea on how to impact wellness on campus?

    Have your voice heard to help promote and be a part of creating a culture of wellness at UConn! The Innovate Wellness Lab is a space for students to come together and develop innovative solutions for health and wellness concerns they see on campus.

    You can participate in 3 different ways: submit an idea, join or create teams to work on ideas, or provide feedback for ongoing projects. Students are provided mentorship by UConn faculty and staff to develop their skills, build out their ideas, and prototype their innovations on campus during the process.

    Click on the link below for more information and to promote wellness on campus!
    Website link: s.uconn.edu/innovatewellness

    Currently, we are seeking feedback on the first idea to enter the lab. The Wellness Coalition is seeking to create a Student Engagement Task Force. We want to hear from the UConn community about how this group should be developed and how it can help you. To learn more about the idea and provide your feedback, visit, https://studenthealth.uconn.edu/innovate-wellness-project// .

    Brought to you by a partnership of SHaW and OPIM innovate

    For more information, contact: Innovate Wellness at innovatewellness@uconn.edu

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