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  • COM 5650: Communication Technology & Social Change


    Communication Technology and Social Change addresses the adoption and use of emerging digital media, roughly spanning the study of digitally-mediated communication in the following domains: 

    *mass (e.g., digital journalism/advertising/political communication, influence of videogames, emerging digital channels like mHealth, online hate/QAnon, etc.).

    *interpersonal (e.g., computer-dating, sexting, distance relationships, cell-phone-based "absent presence"/"phubbing" and parental mediation of digital media use);

    *organizational and small-group meetings (e.g., influence of CMC on upward and downward communication, (in)effective uses of email, telework, etc.)

    *"inter-mass" media (e.g., social media, mobile telephony, social media, adoption and use of emerging apps and their influence on the larger knowledge economy).


    The course is open to graduate students of all backgrounds, and we can take in a few advanced undergrads as well. Com 5650 can help fulfill the Theory requirement in the Com Tech track and counts as an elective in other tracks. We've also had a fairly good track-record in generating viable project ideas in recent years, some of which provided grist for later collaborations. 


    Catalog Description:

    Com 5650 provides students with an examination of theory and research in the domain of new communication technologies, particularly their influence on social change.  The course will focus on the scholarly literature, addressing the content, adoption, regulation, uses and effects of new media. Course materials address technology applications in the areas or interpersonal, organizational, health and mass communication (including advertising, public relations and marketing).

    For more information, contact: Professor Atkin at

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