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  • Stamford Startup Studio Application

    Calling all designers, engineers, researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators, technologists, and creative enthusiasts! Are you ready to tackle problems and turn ideas into products?  We are looking for individuals who exhibit leadership, adaptability, problem solving, technical skill sets, and the eagerness to learn. We need an interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial team to solve real-world business problems.  

    The Stamford Startup Studio (S3) will employ eight UConn students full-time to create technologies & products for the real estate and construction industry. 

    What to epect:

    • SKILL BUILDING - All co-op students will earn credentials in advanced technology, the entrepreneurial mindset, project management, design, and engineering.
    • NETWORKING - Students will engage in various networking opportunities with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists.
    • MENTORSHIP - Students will be paired with an alumni mentor each semester. In addition to their alumni mentor, students will also receive 1:1 coaching from the consultants.
    • CAREER PREP - Students will learn how to pitch their ideas and themselves, they will collaborate with the advisory & investment board, and they will build and maintain a professional portfolio.

    Students who graduate with the Stamford Startup Studio will be equipped to thrive in today’s most competitive roles such as product management, consulting, or innovation strategy. Not only will students build their network and skillset, making them marketable to employers, they will grow their confidence, agility and business savvy to be the next generation of leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

    For more information about the Stamford Startup Studio, schedule a time with the Head of Entrepreneurial Transformation here

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If you have any questions, please contact Honors Programming and Events at 860-486-1616.