Course Offerings

  • Looking for an elective? MCB 1895: PANDEMICS

    MCB 1895, Pandemics: History and Perspectives

    Instructor: Ken Noll

    Distance learning, Tu/Th 11 AM – 12:15 PM

    Description: A survey of historical pandemics examining their causes, societal and scientific reactions to them, and their consequences. The underlying biology of pathogens will be covered as well as modes of transmission from animals and among humans. No prerequisites.

    Course objectives:  Students in the course will gain an appreciation for the fact that humanity has dealt with pandemics before and about responses that worked and those that failed. They will also learn how diseases are caused, and the difference between those caused by bacteria and those caused by viruses. They will also learn how to effectively communicate information about these topics in a clear manner through written work and a podcast.


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