Course Offerings


    EVST 3412: Global Enviromental Politics

    Tuesdays 5pm-7:30pm (Distance Learning)


    COURSE DESCRIPTION This course provides a critical and intensive investigation of global environmental politics. It is inherently interdisciplinary, and draws upon concepts from the biophysical sciences, political science, geography, sociology, and economics. The course highlights how concepts need to be integrated to provide a global systems perspective, underscoring the complexity of environmental challenges facing the global community today and the creative solutions needed to address them.

    GUIDING QUESTIONS How do politics influence the natural environment, and vice versa? What are the different theoretical and methodological ways for studying environmental politics? What implications derive from these differences? Who are the actors and what role do they play in executing policies, implementing structures within global environmental regimes? How do we practice global environmental politics? What can one do to influence environmental politics?

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