Course Offerings

  • WINTER COURSE: Economic Development/ Policy Making

    Course Title:  Economic Development | Policy Making in Action 

    Credits:  3

    Format:  Fully Online

    Prerequisites:  ECON 1200 or 1202; ECON 2201 or 2211Q; ENGL 1010 or 1011 or 2011. Recommended preparation: One of MATH 1071Q, 1110Q, 1131Q, or 1151Q.

    Professor:  Nishith Prakash  

    Course Description

    Economics of problems facing developing nations: theories of development, and strategies and policies to promote economic development. 

    Economic Development has been one of the most lively and thought-provoking areas in the Economics. Over the past decade, the field of Economic Development has used advances in econometric methods and economic theory to reformulate some age-old questions, which has made it an extremely lively and stimulating area of research. 

    This course will acquaint you with new ideas and new ways of answering age old questions about economic development. These are the very ideas that have enriched our understanding of the processes that ultimately engender economic development. The course has a broad reach and is relevant as an introduction to the subject for continuing students as well as to people who work in the worlds of policy and business. We will examine detailed survey data of the world's poor, and look at policies that have been attempted and evaluated scientifically. This requires a solid understanding of how to read and interpret statistics. It is designed to equip you with the theoretical and applied tools that would allow you to analyze the problems faced by the developing communities and countries in a systematic and analytical way. 

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