Course Offerings


    ECON is offering two special/variable topics courses in Spring 2021. They are 3000 level courses and can count towards Group 2 in the ECON plan of study:


    ECON 3495 001

    Special Topics:

    Economics of Global Health

    Class #: 11296

    Instructor: Jorge Aguero

    Pre-reqs: 2201 or 2211Q; AND 2202 or 2212Q

    This is an upper-level undergraduate course that studies health issues in developing countries from the standpoint of economics, with a focus on applied microeconomic and econometric methods. Some of the specific topics include, the complex relationship between health and economic development. We will also examine structural problems in delivery and provider quality as well as the adoption of preventive health care behaviors (e.g., bed nets, washing hands, etc.) We will also examine the empirical evidence in support of interventions affecting health including the success and failure of interventions that target infant mortality; diarrhea, worms; AIDS; and malaria. Students will conduct small research projects using micro-level data from developing countries.

    ECON 3498 002

    Variable Topics:

    Programming and Computation with R for ECON

    Class #: 14083

    Pre-reqs: 2201 or 2211Q; AND 2202 or 2212Q

    This is an introductory level programming and computation course using R. Computation using a programming language is an essential part of data analysis. Competent economists must not just be able to run existing programs but also be able to read, modify and write codes, so that they can assemble computational tools needed to solve various data analysis problems.


    No programming knowledge is assumed for this class, but some statistics knowledge is assumed. Students will learn basics of R programming – objects, data structures, logical design, functions, etc. They will also learn how to conduct data visualization and statistical analysis using the R programming language.


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