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    Are you passionate about journalism or communications? Do you still need something fun to do this summer? Do you like working with youth and being a part of a FUN team? Want to make an impact and give back to the community?

    If YES, then Camp Promise-East is looking for YOU!

    Camp Promise-East ( is a free-of-charge, one-week overnight camp for kids, teens, and adults with muscular dystrophy and select neuromuscular diseases. We believe all kids should get to experience the magic of camp, regardless of their medical needs or physical abilities. We highly value our volunteers who help us make this happen.

    We are currently recruiting volunteers who are mature and responsible individuals, who like working hard and who are willing to learn.  Our schedule is jam packed with theme days, pranks, costumes, summer fun, and activities that are 100% wheelchair accessible.


    What we're looking for:

    We're recruiting volunteers to join our camp newspaper team. At the start of camp, campers have the opportunity to sign up for a special activity that occurs every day in the afternoon. These activity groups give them time to learn and develop technical skills relevant to their future. Our newspaper group works on putting together a mini camp newspaper that is released every morning at breakfast, and helps run our camp's social media channels. Our newspaper volunteers teach our campers all about journalism and reporting, everything from selecting stories and interviewing key individuals, to editing and formatting layouts, as well as the differences between various social media platforms.


    About our campers:

    Our campers range in age from 6-30 years old and all have muscular dystrophy or other neuromuscular diseases that are progressive. The majority use power wheelchairs and may have limited range of motion in their arms. Their minds are sharp and they are developmentally typical for their age. Our campers can type and use computers as many rely on technology in their daily life, and often study these fields in college.


    Experience Required:

    We are looking for volunteers to spearhead our newspaper program who are familiar with formatting and simple layouts, social media, and meeting deadlines. While helpful, experience working with people with special healthcare needs is not required as we will provide you with all the training you need to work with our campers at our orientation training session prior to camper arrival.

    Our volunteers are 16+, come from diverse backgrounds and from all over the country, so whatever your skills may be, if you are committed to making camp the best week of our campers' year, we'd love to hear from you!



    Dates:   July 2-7, 2017 (Volunteers will need to arrive July 1st for orientation)

    Location:    Coventry, CT

    Requirements:    Be at least 16 years old, submit an application, complete an interview, and pass background and reference checks.

    Application deadline:    April 3, 2017


    How to Apply:    Learn more about our application process and visit

    Questions?    For more information, please contact Shannon Healey at or 405-459-PIGS (7447).

    For more information, contact: Shannon Healey at

If you have any questions, please contact Jose (Joel) Nebres at 860-486-6316.